Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Project Millie?

A: Project Millie is an organization dedicated to bringing awareness to the prevalence and tolerance of bullies in the workplace. In our first year, we intend to do this through sharing compelling stories, disseminating knowledge and mobilizing a community of interest.


Q: What is Project Millie doing to solve workplace bullying?

A: Project Millie alone cannot solve a problem like workplace bullying. Because research shows that increasing visibility to social problems is one of the most effective ways to affect change, the team at Project Millie has decided to make awareness creation its primary focus for now. When we receive inquiries for assistance, we are happy to refer to our network of partners.


Q: Is Project Millie a charity?

A: No Project Millie is not a registered charity. We are a privately held organization and are currently receive funding from individual investors.


Q: How can I get involved or offer support to end workplace bullying?

A: There are different ways to get involved with Project Millie and the anti-bullying movement. Spread the word about Project Millie through your networks and via social media. Share your workplace bullying story with us. Tell us how you’d like to share time and talents. Support us financially as a Project Ambassador ($25) or become Project Funder.


Q: Can I get involved but stay anonymous?

A: Of course. Many people affected by workplace bullying do not want to reveal their identity publicly. Some individuals have agreed to share their stories on conditions of anonymity, others have become investors in Project Millie and some have signed up to volunteer their time on tasks and during the Workplace Bullying Roundtable.


Q: I’m willing to share my story publicly, what’s the next step?

A: In October 2016 in Burlington Ontario, Project Millie is bringing together a community of interest. We are currently seeking individuals willing to share their lived experience of workplace bullying. We have opportunities for keynote speakers as well as panelists. We encourage you to submit your interest through the website or at


Q: Can my organization sponsor Project Millie events?

A: Project Millie has some sponsorship and exhibitor opportunities available during our events. These marketing opportunities will give you maximum exposure and connect your organization in an effective way to the Project Millie ambassadors, its partners, and event participants. We encourage you to express your interest at


FAQs; Updated February 15, 2016


Project Millie is grateful for the contributions made by individuals who support the work we strive to accomplish.