A Long Overdue Conversation about

Bullies in the Workplace



Project Millie is an organization dedicated to bringing visibility to workplace bullying. We share personal stories, help start conversations and advocate for positive change. In other words, we're doing our part to achieve the healthy workplaces we all deserve.


A colleague, a parent, a friend. A stranger, a neighbour, a partner. There are people around us who have a story to tell, one that includes workplace bullying. Unfortunately in the places where these stories unfold, speaking up is often discouraged by poor process or by an underlying culture of tolerance. Project Millie is the voice and speaks aloud on behalf of the many who believe they do not have that choice.  It started with one woman—Millie. Since she told her story in 2013 we’ve collected the personal experiences of individuals affected by workplace bullying.  These stories are often difficult to hear and some have devastating consequences on the person’s well being. Almost exclusively, people share their experiences on the promise of anonymity as concerns for retribution and job loss are at the forefront—whether these concerns are real or perceived, they influence behaviour and affect the lives of so many people around us.

LISTEN         Listen to lived experiences

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Jay. 37. Vancouver.

“My boss tells me I’m stupid at least once a week, usually in front of my coworkers.  They laugh it off so I do too. I know I should leave this place but what would I tell my wife? Where would I go? A real man has to roll with it, right? I just want to come to work and do my job in peace. Is that too much to ask for?”


Lucie. 26. Montreal.

“I was proud to be the only woman on the team. But soon enough all my ideas were dismissed, my feedback was met with eye rolls and my every disagreement was labelled an emotional outburst. My boss told me to be a better team player. HR said I was taking things too personally. When I insisted on change, I was downsized before the investigation even started. My mother faced the boys’ club thirty years ago—when will the workplace evolve?”




Project Millie began as a series of one-on-one conversations. As interest grew and people stepped forward to offer support, including courageously sharing some very personal stories, we knew we were on to something. We work hard everyday to expand our reach and increase our impact. We have an incredible team, advisors whose guidance we trust, and supporters who inspire us to continue this work because they tell us it’s absolutely needed.


     SHARE lived experiences. ENGAGE in conversations. ADVOCATE for positive change.

There is no denying that workplaces have significantly evolved in the last few decades. But despite positive advances in many areas, workplace bullying remains prevalent:

  • 53% of Canadians say workplace bullying is a serious problem (Angus Reid, 2012)
  • 72% of employees are aware that bullying happens (WBI, 2014)
  • 72% of employers discount, deny, rationalize or encourage bullying (WBI, 2014)
  • 61% of those bullied lose their jobs; they quit, move to another job, or are terminated (WBI, 2014)
  • 38% of HR managers say bullying never happens (Office Team, 2015)





“I started Project Millie to give a voice to those who believe they cannot speak out.”

- Lorna McTavish, Founder.




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Help Start Conversations - Talking Points

Collaborate with organizations who share our vision of healthy workplaces

  • City of Burlington Proclamation "Workplace Bully Awareness Day"
  • City of Edmonton Proclamation "Workplace Bullying Awareness Week"
  • Poster - Workplace Bullying Awareness Week October 16 to 22, 2016




Project Millie launched in 2016 thanks to seed funding from a small group of investors. We are an independent organization funded by contributions from individuals who believe our work is valuable and needed. By becoming a Project Ambassador ($25) or Funder ($100+) you join a community of like-minded people committed to achieving healthy workplaces free from bullying. You will increase your knowledge and network, receive our newsletter, get priority access to our events and have opportunities to affect social change. Project Millie is on a journey to bring visibility to workplace bullying. Your support will help us go further.





            Project Millie is grateful for the contributions made by individuals who support the work we strive to accomplish.